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Got a few shows here before I'm headed to New York in April. That should be a good trip. My health problems are all solved (hopefully). I've finished the HepC program and getting a checkup in 2 weeks for that. I expect it to still be undetectable at that time. Feel pretty good overall. I just think of all the great people we've lost to this disease and just wish that these drugs were available then. Thanks to all of you that have been so good to me during my health problems! Now, hopefully, everything will be ok until I'm 90!

There is a great video that my friend (videographer deluxe) Kurtis Hough made for me. Please click on the link below to see it! Drove to Portland 2 weeks ago and saw it in a theater. Really fabulous work. Thank you Kurtis.

Seattle Weekly Best Guitarist Award
This is a Special Blues Edition and Alice is featured on the cover and in a lengthy article. Many thanks to John Jacobson for taking the photos. You can't find it on the magazine racks, but you can order it online at www.flatpick.com

The Band is: Alice Stuart, Steve Flynn, Marc Willett, Pat Tennis & Dan Pakinas.

By popular demand:
Ragamuffin Radio in the UK: "In The Spotlight" - Alice Stuart Broadcast, by popular demand.   >> Streaming Audio
This takes awhile to load but it will eventually do it. Just click on Streaming Audio and...wait about a minute. 

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Alice endorses Rocky Mountain Slides and uses them exclusively. www.rockymountainslides.com

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Alice is now endorsed by Converse All Stars which she wears exclusively at all of her shows

Alice is proud to be endorsed by the Shubb company. She uses these capos exclusively

Alice Stuart: Full-Time Woman
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